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Quinn Felix Life Coach - Let me help you  learn the tools you need to overcome pornography.

Does this sound about right?

 You worry about quitting pornography. You worry about the effect your porn habit will have on your future life, marriage, and family. You've probably quit before (maybe during your two-year mission) but the habit came back. And even when you're doing "good" you can't help but think, ok, but what about six months down the road can I keep this up?

Two Things: First, having a porn habit doesn't mean there's something wrong with you. It's just what your brain has gotten used to.

Second, what you tried in the past didn't work because it was focused on willpower, morality, and using shame as a motivator.

It didn't teach you what works long term: habit reformation and how to retrain your brain.

When you understand how you trained your brain to want porn, you can learn to train it NOT to want porn. about what we do

Welcome to your Journey to Freedom

Hi, my name is Quinn and I'm a porn addict!  Yes, I had a porn habit for many years that led me to a nearly failed marriage and a loss of friends, and wholesome life. I know the struggle and I have been able to beat it. I have made it my quest to help others overcome porn in a shame-free and sex-positive way. Let me help you do the same.  

A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a certified life coach I will be focusing on the Return Missionary, Young Adults and Newly married.

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